Meet Gini

Gini Magnuson is a mother, financial professional, and community volunteer running for the 2024 subdistrict 5 seat on the Omaha Public Schools Board of Education.

As the parent of children enrolled in OPS, Gini is committed to nurturing public school environments where all students can grow into their best selves. A strong public education in a safe environment is a fundamental human right that belongs to every child.

Gini’s priorities for the district include:

  • Attracting and retaining top educators, administrators, and staff;
  • strategically enhancing programming for students and teachers;
  • advocating for equitable policies and practices for the benefit of all children;
  • ensuring the district maintains fiscal soundness.

She will contribute to a strong pathway to success for our students as they enter the world after high school, not only academically prepared for their next challenge, but as conscientious and informed critical thinkers who engage positively within their communities. Having called Nebraska her home for 30 years and Omaha for nearly 20, Gini knows this is a place where everyone is welcome, and she is committed to actively listening and responding to the increasingly diverse needs of our school community.